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What Is Chiropractic?

Doctors of chiropractic diagnose, treat and help prevent conditions and disorders related to the back, neck, pelvis, extremity joints and the effect they have on the nervous system. The main form of treatment chiropractors deliver is called an adjustment – a non-invasive procedure consisting of a precise directed movement to help relieve pain and discomfort and to restore range of motion. Sometimes chiropractors will also use other therapies like massage, heat, ice and ultrasound. A chiropractor does not prescribe drugs or perform surgery, but may make a referral to medical specialists for such treatment when appropriate. In addition to adjustments, chiropractors also counsel patients regarding nutrition, lifestyle and exercise.

Motion Palpation

Motion palpation is a diagnostic technique developed by Henri Gillet, a Belgian chiropractor in which the chiropractor’s hands are used to feel the motion of specific segments of the spine while the patient moves. The purpose is evaluation of the dynamic movement of the extravertebral joints and vertebrae to assess dysfunction between the joints.

Diversified Adjusting Technique

Diversified technique is the most commonly used chiropractic adjustment technique. Like many chiropractic and osteopathic manipulative techniques, diversified is characterized by a high velocity, low amplitude manual thrust. Diversified is considered the most generic chiropractic manipulative technique and is differentiated from other techniques in that its objective is to restore proper movement and alignment of spine and joint dysfunction. The diversified technique remains the principal system taught at many chiropractic institutions, including the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College.

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